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28 July 2015
Speaking with Henheffer about an upcoming Charter challenge against Bill C-51, and what the new law means for journalists.
27 July 2015
A Cairo court is expected to deliver a verdict Thursday for the Canadian journalist being tried on widely denounced terror charges.
21 July 2015
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and Canadian Civil Liberties Association plan to launch a charter challenge against sections of Bill C-51.
16 July 2015
Restrictive photography contracts for entertainment events such as concerts aren’t new to photo desks, though in recent years they have started to veer into the extreme.
08 July 2015
The Postmedia-Sun merger isn't a new peak in Canadian media ownership concentration. Still, our traditional media are in relatively few hands. Is that bad news?
16 June 2015
News organizations and journalists aren’t doing enough to secure data and communications—and it could put whistleblowers and other sources at risk.
27 May 2015
In April, Postmedia cut the comments sections of many of its newly acquired Ontario papers.Read more
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression Sixth Annual Review of Free Expression in Canada 2014-2015
05 May 2015
The CJFE has released its annual Review of Free Expression in Canada—and once again the grades are disappointing.
22 April 2015
A new Centre for Free Expression, the first of its kind at a Canadian university, is coming to Ryerson.Read more


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