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18 November 2015
The International Reporting Bureau at Humber College reviews travel advisories for journalists working abroad.Read more
07 April 2017
Mexico’s drug cartels are making full use of cyberspace to mount a campaign of intimidation targeting the country’s journalists and society.
07 March 2017
How a Canadian journalist helped Bhumika Shrestha, a Nepalese politician and transgender activist, tell her story using AI technology.
24 February 2017
By Michael Ott for the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre The loss of trust between the media and audiences that has characterised the Donald Trump era in the United States also played out when Rob
16 February 2017
War correspondents face a lack of mental health resources.Read more
26 January 2017
No plans for further hiring, unlike recently announced Australian bureau.Read more
05 December 2016
Is journalism becoming more dangerous?Read more
28 November 2016
Do you know what you don’t know about each other?Read more
21 October 2016
Author Deborah Campbell on the riskiest journalism job you never hear about, Syrians struggling here, and more.


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