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05 December 2016
Is journalism becoming more dangerous?Read more
28 November 2016
Do you know what you don’t know about each other?Read more
21 October 2016
Author Deborah Campbell on the riskiest journalism job you never hear about, Syrians struggling here, and more.
30 September 2016
Queer Ugandan filmmaker lives in fear for his life, but is determined to keep telling stories from one of the most dangerous countries in the world for the LGBT community.
22 September 2016
IRP students will partner with students at four partner universities to produce a cross-border journalism project.
08 September 2016
New film by Canadian journalist filmmaker Fred Peabody has world premiere at TIFF on Sept. 9.
23 August 2016
Ryerson professor Anne McNeilly wasn’t sure what to expect when she travelled to China last spring to teach media ethics and news reporting.
13 April 2016
Marc Ellison’s “Safe House” is a graphic novel that tells the story of FGM in Tanzania.Read more
01 April 2016
News That Moves provides humanitarian aid in the form of delivering important news and information to refugees.Read more


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