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Marc Ellison speaking to J-Source IRB at Humber College
05 October 2015
Marc Ellison is concerned about the shrinking foreign footprint of western media but is prepared to find new ways of reporting through the use of graphic novels.
02 October 2015
On Oct. 1, JHR honoured journalists from around the globe who are working for human rights in their communities.Read more
30 July 2015
Mohamed Fahmy's legal saga drawn out further as Egyptian court postpones a much-anticipated verdict in widely denounced trial.
28 July 2015
This 2012 Walrus feature turns the seemingly innocuous act of tipping into an examination of the larger ethical transactions made when a Canadian tours Cuba.
27 July 2015
A Cairo court is expected to deliver a verdict Thursday for the Canadian journalist being tried on widely denounced terror charges.
06 July 2015
New book paints a picture of how the world’s largest broadcast news organization has attempted to adapt to new editorial realities ushered in by social media.
17 June 2015
While reporting in Africa, award-winning journalist Chika Oduah has faced her fair share of influence from Western media outlets.
05 June 2015
Moses Mabonga breaks down the difficulties of being a fixer for foreign reporters in Uganda.Read more
13 May 2015
Yusur Al Bahrani considers the risks of using social media when reporting on terrorism-related stories.


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