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30 January 2015
Adriana Zhang has a video wrap up of Canadian international coverage for the week of Jan. 26.Read more
29 January 2015
Bias toward Western lives prioritized Charlie Hebdo coverage over Boko Haram killings, experts sayRead more
29 January 2015
A Hezbollah attack on an Israeli army convoy and the approaching deadline for a Jordanian-ISIS prisoner swap took top spot in the Canadian international coverage Thursday.
28 January 2015
The Canadian media focuses its international coverage on the Alexander Litvinenko murder probe, the Atlantic snowstorm and Kurdish Canadian military talks.
27 January 2015
Tuesday's Canadian international coverage split between threatened U.S. blizzard, Auschwitz survivors and Canadian forces fighting ISIS in Iraq.
26 January 2015
Canadian media focuses on Syriza win in Greece and violent clashes in the Ukraine and Egypt.
23 January 2015
The death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah and new fighting in the Ukraine lead international coverage form Canadian media outlets.
22 January 2015
Nelson Mandela’s ex-assistant starts a Twitter controversy, a German anti-Islamic group moves into England and France’s investment in the fight against radicalism led Canadian international coverage
22 January 2015
Gannon spoke in Ottawa about her career as a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press.Read more


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