Fri, 08/18/2017 - 10:25

06 July 2017
Journalists can face intimidation from sources, police and government. Here’s how to push back.Read more
22 June 2017
Patti Sonntag and Robert Cribb will co-teach a new course on hard investigative skills.Read more
01 June 2017
Many journalists in Quebec use enterprise database OpenCorporates while doing their work.Read more
30 May 2017
Laura Stewart will investigate climate change on Saskatchewan’s grasslands.Read more
29 May 2017
Local police forces might be low hanging fruit for freedom of information requests.Read more
26 May 2017
Bruce Livesey’s reporting has earned him a first ever NNA for a digital outlet, and two NMA noms.Read more
25 May 2017
Investigative journalist Javier Valdez, originally slated to open the conference, was gunned down last week in Mexico.
23 February 2017
Journalists struggle to get Canada’s prison agencies talking.Read more
18 January 2017
Discourse Media sets precedent for a new kind of emerging media organization.Read more


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