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14 July 2009
I.F. Stone made significant contributions to investigative journalism at a time in the U.S. when holding powerful institutions to account was seen as unpatriotic and disloyal, writes Cecil Rosner in
29 June 2009
Cecil Rosner examines how two renowned investigative journalists handle sourcing and concludes that whatever the approach, relying on a single source is always a risky venture.
24 May 2009
Canadian journalists have played an important role over the last half century in the investigation of high-profile wrongful convictions. But these kinds of stories take time and resources --
16 May 2009
April 17 was a pretty good day for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. It won two Pulitzer Prizes, it began publishing a major investigative series, and it won recognition from a grand jury that its
09 May 2009
Whenever I conduct seminars in enterprise reporting, I provide examples of what I call the "journalism of reminder." It's a simple but often ignored aspect of journalism. It reminds the reader or
02 May 2009
Last month, the Fund for Investigative Journalism in the US awarded grants totaling $57,000 to 15 journalists for investigative reporting projects. The idea is to kick-start investigative work in a
02 May 2009
It's hard to estimate how much corporate bribery takes place each year, but some have put the figure at more than $1 trillion. Because it all takes place in secret, and usually in untraceable cash
28 April 2009
There is a provocative article in the latest edition of Journalism called "Why alternative journalism matters." It's worth reading, and it's worth thinking about the value of studying alternative
23 April 2009
Those of us old enough to remember the economic situation of the early 1980s may be wondering: is history repeating itself in the way the media are valuing investigative journalism? The 1970s


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