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29 April 2016
Toronto Star investigative journalism has had a positive impact on Toronto’s homeless.Read more
06 April 2016
Veritas is a journalism foundation that creates and supports professional development for journalists in Canada.
05 November 2015
Cuts leave awards programs in the lurch and small, special interest magazines without funding support.Read more
28 October 2015
Former StarPhoenix reporter on the importance of making difficult calls and rigorous reporting.Read
22 July 2015
On Fridays, J-Source will feature a new outrageous FOI response, from redactions to expensive research fees.Read
17 July 2015
Cribb will spend four months in 2016 developing a national program that would have journalism schools across the country collaborating on investigative reporting.
03 July 2015
Last Wednesday, Halifax journalist Tim Bousquet held a birthday celebration for his one-year-old news site, the Halifax Examiner.Read
24 June 2015
Until September, readers of the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Postmedia and more may notice ads telling them about how the reporting they’re consuming is made—and why it’s important.
22 June 2015
Web scraping is useful for helping journalists handle large amounts of information, but ethical guidelines don't yet address how to use this data reporting tool.


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