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16 March 2015
When Kevin Donovan started at the Toronto Star as an intern, he thought he’d be there for five years.Read more
13 March 2015
On Mar. 4, The Globe and Mail announced the launch of its own SecureDrop system, an open-source information submission program. The claim: not only does it protect potential whistleblowers, but
10 March 2015
The School of Journalism and Communication is pleased to announce that Toronto Star Investigative Reporter Kevin Donovan will deliver this year’s Kesterton Lecture.
05 March 2015
A Q&A with the Toronto Star reporter, whose Hillman Prize-winning series found that only nine out of 78 Canadian universities have sexual assault policies.
04 March 2015
The Ryerson School of Journalism will be hosting an event featuring a teleconference with Edward Snowden on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from noon to 2 p.m. in The Venn, RCC 103
03 March 2015
Investigative researcher and citizen’s advocate Ken Rubin on 32 years of navigating the hurdles of Canada’s FOI system.Read more
17 February 2015
Mohamed Sheriffdeen talks about his JHM-nominated story: his research, process and what it’s like to be nominated for your first news story.
10 February 2015
Join our live-blog of "What is the future of investigative TV?" with t he fifth estate 's Gillian Findlay, Frontline 's David Fanning and VICE Canada 's Patrick McGuire. The CBC and Ryerson
13 January 2015
Jim Bronskill and David McKie’s new book about access to information shouldn’t need to exist.


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