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03 September 2013
Carl Bernstein, Peter Mansbridge and other prominent journalists are slated to attend an international conference on investigative journalism being organized by the CBC and the University of Winnipeg
20 August 2013
Even though her reporting on egg donors was subsidized, Alison Motluk says she lost money writing her Maisonneuve article. She doesn't regret it -- her piece did win the CAJ’s magazine award, after
05 July 2013
There appears to be a movement towards criminalization of whistleblowers. What are the implications for whistleblowers, and the journalists who cover them?
30 April 2013
As traditional newsrooms continue to shrink , the question of how to do in-depth reporting – and also make money – in this country has never been more daunting. And now, Canada’s only non-profit
25 April 2013
The CBC has placed an emphasis on investigative journalism for the last 50 years. Here is a snapshot of some of the more memorable pieces over the years.
10 April 2013
CBC explains how it got the tax haven series, which all began when almost a year ago when Frederic Zalac, a reporter for the Radio-Canada program Enquete and our Special Investigations Unit, was
03 April 2013
The massive journalistic collaboration into an investigation of offshore tax havens signals a watershed moment for global investigative journalism. It is a major achievement for the International
02 April 2013
What's more important: exclusivity or a great story? A new model of cooperative journalism being developed at the Toronto Star is helping to break news, and the traditional practice of keeping
20 March 2013
J-Source goes behind the story of the National Newspaper Award-nominated story “Cashing In: Inside PEI’s Controversial Immigrant Partner Programs.” Laura Armstrong , a graduate of University of King’


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