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20 September 2006
A list of college programs across the country with descriptions of programs offered.Read more
20 September 2006
Recently a number of universities have begun working with local community colleges to offer joint or "hybrid" programs.Read more
30 August 2006
A list of both undergraduate and graduate programs across the country.Read more
09 September 2016
Funds from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council will bring The Conversation, a news site about academic work, to Canada.
25 February 2016
Studying a discipline outside of journalism can be helpful for students.Read more
22 February 2016
Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls on journalism schools to train students to report on Aboriginal issues.
02 February 2016
International students and children of immigrants say pursuing post-secondary studies in journalism can motivate both encouragement and opposition from their parents.
04 December 2015
The future of journalism education is the focus of a new collection of essays just published by the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre.
03 December 2015
New program at Dalhousie and University of King’s College offers J.D. and M.J. concurrently.Read more


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