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03 December 2015
New program at Dalhousie and University of King’s College offers J.D. and M.J. concurrently.Read more
08 October 2015
#WhatAreTheChances project among those recognized by the Online News Association this year.Read more
28 September 2015
Journalism students of colour say they don't see themselves represented in Canada's media landscape.
26 May 2015
Amid declining enrolment numbers, the Stephenville, Nfld., program is moving to the province’s capital after 30 years.
16 November 2014
The program, started in 2007 and based in Cornwall, Ont., faced low enrolment and a lack of student interest.
16 July 2014
In an effort to combat declining enrollment, Concordia University is considering a graduate program aimed at training students to report for international NGOs. Education columnist Janice Tibbetts
29 April 2014
Journalism startups emerging in Canada is an exciting and welcome trend, writes Julie Ireton. But aside from that innovative thinking, j-schools need to become the incubator for a new, digital,
24 March 2014
It’s time to talk about how onstage interviews are, too often, awful. We see them again and again: live, onstage presentations where the interviewer mistakenly believes he or she is as important as
11 March 2014
Langara College journalism instructor Ethan Baron explains how his innovative new course on news-drone training teaches students the essential technical skills, as well as the proper safety and


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