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03 February 2015
The CAJ Ethics Committee of the Canadian Association of Journalists is a panel of scholars, teachers and practitioners of journalism who address questions about ethical practice raised by the
15 August 2017
Journalists around the world make the mistake of assuming that their journalistic ethical approaches are the best – or only – standards.
10 August 2017
Staff voted on Aug. 10 to ratify tentative deal between union and management.Read more
03 August 2017
Fake news, or fabricated content deceptively presented as real news, has garnered a lot of interest since the U.S. presidential election last fall.
03 August 2017
Next step may be Supreme Court for Nova Scotia momRead more
02 August 2017
A lot of reporting and writing involves some form of travel anyway — how else are stories found?Read more
The arguments for and against a ban are being heard at Nova Scotia's Provincial Court Building in Halifax. Photo by George Lang
02 August 2017
Judge to rule if Frank Halifax edition will be held to a ban intended to protect children's identitiesRead more
22 July 2017
About 10 people will be laid off in the coming weeks as part of company wide cutbacks.Read more
06 July 2017
Journalists can face intimidation from sources, police and government. Here’s how to push back.Read more


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