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14 September 2016
It will happen to every journalist—your recorder will stop working when you really need it.Read more
08 September 2016
We asked some of the top reporters, editors and producers to share their tips for keeping on top of all the news.Read
25 August 2016
Process has been “frustrating” says unit chair Jonathan Goldsbie.Read more
Courtesy David Yu/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
16 August 2016
It’s what I hear all the time from film crews interviewing me. Here’s what I wish they knew beforehand.Read
16 August 2016
As global warming increases chances of violent weather, reporters need to prepare for the likelihood they will cover one, or more, during their career.
29 July 2016
Where is the national coverage of the death of Abdirahman Abdi?Read more
29 July 2016
HTU member Mary MacIntyre looks back on her time on strike.Read more
28 July 2016
New research finds that crime maps released by Canadian police forces only paints a partial picture of what is happening.
28 July 2016
Media union sets precedent that could limit unpaid internships and provide student interns with ongoing workplace protections across the media industry.


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