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24 February 2014
Should journalists be worried about police tactics that force them to gather information on innocent citizens, violating their privacy and infringing on the right of individuals to freedom of
21 February 2014
The RCMP have obtained a court order compelling five media outlets—the CBC, Global, APTN, Brunswick News and Rogers—to turn over footage and photos of the Oct. 17 riots in Rexton, NB.
27 January 2014
York University had given a libel notice to Toronto Life and Katherine Laidlaw, the writer of an article alleging that its campus has become a “hunting ground for sexual predators” in the October
24 January 2014
A real-life case involving a publication ban, a murder suspect set free and the discovery of information that could pit neighbour against neighbor, risk important police sources and potentially leave
19 December 2013
After the mayor issued a second apology—a written one this time—Dale announced he will drop his lawsuit against Ford and Vision Television.
13 December 2013
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s brother, councillor Doug Ford, dismissed Daniel Dale’s libel notice as an attempt to sell newspapers. Meanwhile, Michael Cooke, the Star’s editor-in-chief, said Dale will
13 December 2013
The NDP MP wants Ottawa to create strong, national legislation to tackle unpaid internships. His strategy seeks to get Ottawa on track to clarify its rules and encourage the provinces to commit to a
12 December 2013
Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale will sue Mayor Rob Ford for libel related to an interview he gave with former media baron Conrad Black on Vision Televison, in which the mayor insinuated that Dale
06 December 2013
In this Q&A with J-Source, Steve Doig, the Knight Chair in Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, explains why practising “safe data hygiene” is


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