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22 October 2006
This section contains information, advice and commentary on legal issues that arise when covering court cases, trials and hearings.Read
22 October 2006
Feature Crown attorneys’ media rules walk the line between informing the public and preserving the right to fair trial. So what can prosecutors tell journalists – and the public – about court cases?
22 October 2006
Feature A committee of Nova Scotia judges and journalists has decided that court officials should decide which reporters and media organizations can use cameras and tape recorders at the Law Courts
22 October 2006
Commentary A legal precedent on the disclosure of evidence means what a journalist tells the police or other investigators could wind up as Exhibit A in court. A word to the wise – remember, anything
22 October 2006
Commentary The contempt conviction of Hamilton Spectator reporter Ken Peters for refusing to name a source shows the wisdom of devising an exit strategy before making a promise of confidentiality. By
21 October 2006
Feature Media outlets have the right – if not always the means – to oppose motions to withhold the details of criminal cases. By Dean Jobb
20 October 2006
News An Ontario judge has struckdown laws that empowered the RCMP to raid the home of Ottawa Citizen reporter Juliet O'Neill, in a bid to expose the source of a leak about the Mahar Ararcase. Justice
05 October 2006
Commentary Controversy over Prophet Muhammad cartoons fuels debate over the limits of freedom of expression. Dean Jobb comments.Read
24 August 2006
Commentary Former National Post reporter Andrew McIntosh'scourt victory to protect a key source in his Shawinigate investigation should resonate across the country. By Dean Jobb.


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