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18 September 2013
SLAPP suits can be a hindrance to news media and publishers as well as to activist groups expressing concern about environmental, political or other issues. And individuals and groups can face SLAPP
17 September 2013
There is no clear universally accepted definition or law of privacy in Canada. As a result, the courts have generally taken the view that a free-standing right to privacy does not in fact exist. For
17 September 2013
A Toronto Star investigation found Ontario courts are increasingly denying access to criminal records that legal experts say should be accessible to the media.
16 September 2013
Trespassing charges against Alex Consiglio, the Toronto Star reporter arrested in June after photographing a scuffle on a platform at Toronto Union Station, have been dropped, the Star reported
11 September 2013
The courts’ inconsistency on the question of anonymous sources, coupled with the absence of so-called shield laws in Canada, raises the question of whether a journalist should ever grant source
27 August 2013
Is reporting on court cases in real-time in the public interest, or does it have the potential to do more harm than good? How does adding a real-time element change the role of a court reporter? What
15 July 2013
David Skok reflects on Nelson Mandela's impact on him, and on press freedom around the world.Read more
06 July 2013
Allegations that two Canadian citizens planned to explode homemade devices similar to the kind used in the Boston marathon bombing during Canada Day celebrations at the B.C. legislature in Victoria
03 June 2013
Toronto police arrested a Toronto Star reporter, put him in a headlock and handcuffed him for taking pictures after a GO Transit officer was injured in a scuffle at Union Station, the Star reports.


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