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06 July 2013
Allegations that two Canadian citizens planned to explode homemade devices similar to the kind used in the Boston marathon bombing during Canada Day celebrations at the B.C. legislature in Victoria
03 June 2013
Toronto police arrested a Toronto Star reporter, put him in a headlock and handcuffed him for taking pictures after a GO Transit officer was injured in a scuffle at Union Station, the Star reports.
24 May 2013
Its been a week since the Toronto Star and Gawker went public with allegations concerning Mayor Rob Ford mixing with self identified criminals and possibly smoking crack cocaine. The mayor has denied
20 May 2013
Last week's stories about a man who appears to be Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking what might be crack, raises just about every journalistic issue around responsible reporting and libel that there is.
15 April 2013
Quebec is the latest jurisdiction to issue a protocol on the use of electronic devices by reporters and lawyers inside a courtroom, sparking some heated but predictable responses. Is this a violation
15 April 2013
As of Monday, no one will be able to email, tweet or text from inside Quebec courtrooms without the consent of the judge. The move runs contrary to recent changes made in Ontario, B.C., Saskatchewan
12 April 2013
Earlier this week, National Revenue minister Gail Shea threatened the CBC with legal action, but the media organization has refused to reveal the names thus far. On Friday, the CRA commissioner tried
08 April 2013
The University of Windsor Student Alliance has pulled the plug on the print publication of the campus paper The Lance. But following student outcry and a Facebook compaign to save the newspaper, the
05 April 2013
While acknowledging that the Toronto Star has problem with overusing unnamed sources, public editor Kathy English wrote the newspaper's use of anonymous sources met the Star 's standards in this


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