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02 April 2013
A journalist in the rural community of Clinton, Ont. claims a local councillor tried to have her banned from covering council meetings, a subject the Ontario Ombudsman deemed illegal for an in camera
01 April 2013
The Integrity Commissioner writes that while “there is no question that there was evidence of differential treatment towards reporters for the Toronto Star,” there was no breach of conduct on the
19 March 2013
The Toronto Star and Transcontinental Media are getting push back from Canadian writers’ organizations over new contracts that writers say removes copyright as well as moral rights from the creator.
25 February 2013
Journalists may want to get into the habit of locking their cellphones in the wake of a ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal which found police do not need a warrant to search unprotected phones,
15 February 2013
A journalism educator and former journalist is seeking participants for a new study into journalism independence in Canadian newsrooms.
13 February 2013
Ontario may be the latest province to allow the use of electronic devices in its courtrooms, but it is not necessarily a privilege enjoyed by all. Our new Law editor introduces himself and describes
12 February 2013
Prosecuting and jailing citizens for defamatory libel smacks of show trials we’d expect from countries such as Russia and China, says media lawyer and Law Times columnist Alan Shanoff. Yet the
03 January 2013
Alberta Provincial Court Judge Sean Dunnigan does something very unusual for a judge. He talks in public. Geoff Ellwand explains.
11 December 2012
Media lawyer Daniel Henry was honoured with the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression 2012 Vox Libera award. In his acceptance speech, he called for journalists to keep pressing for camera access


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