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04 July 2012
For Internet users accustomed to posting, linking, tweeting, pinning, or otherwise communicating the news of the day online, they can breathe a sigh of relief as a recent decision from the Federal
01 July 2012
The Federal Court of Canada's ruling involving a website that linked to a National Post column and a photographer's website is seen as good news for those who ink to news, according to law professor
01 May 2012
Danny Henry, senior legal counsel at CBC and a noted advocate for press freedom in Canada, will be leaving his job with the broadcaster after being issued a redundancy notice, sources say.
28 March 2012
A visit from the bailiff indicating you face a potential lawsuit for something your story linked to: Not exactly the best day in a student press newsroom. Emma Godmere , national bureau chief of
20 March 2012
Allowing cameras in the courtrooms of criminal trials have some journalists saying it’s a threat to their livelihood. But as Alexandra Posadzki reports, it could also be used as a tool to increase
12 March 2012
The full text from a speech given to Carleton University students by Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin discusses the relationship between the press and the courts, and how both are requisite to
29 February 2012
It’s been 30 years since Section 2(b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms made a free press the law of the land. But, on the eve of a national conference to take stock of the state of press freedom
08 February 2012
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has asked Fredericton police for an explanation of why a local blogger, Charles LeBlanc, is being investigated under the little-used law of criminal libel. In
31 January 2012
There is a serious and troubling disconnect between the principle of open justice and the reality on the ground. Dean Jobb explains that in many jurisdictions, the bureaucrats who oversee court


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