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23 February 2016
As a reporter in Iqaluit, Lisa Gregoire wrote countless stories about sexual assault and domestic violence. Then it happened to her. Here’s what she found when she went back, 20 years later.
13 October 2015
Former CBC senior producer Marsha Barber uses her journalism background to inform her poetry.Read more
11 August 2015
This 2010 Walrus feature uses limited sources to tell a story that’s deeply personal and a microcosm of the larger issues besetting Correctional Services Canada.
04 August 2015
A writer's letter to himself as a story format becomes an extended metaphor for the media and general public’s perceptions of former Ontario premier Mike Harris
28 July 2015
This 2012 Walrus feature turns the seemingly innocuous act of tipping into an examination of the larger ethical transactions made when a Canadian tours Cuba.
30 June 2015
Whether parents or not, readers will connect with this 2005 Toronto Life account of delivering a premature son—and the reality of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
23 June 2015
This 2013 Walrus feature is not only a meditation on cycling, but also a snapshot of a cyclist’s life on the brink of breakthrough—just before a doping scandal.
16 June 2015
In covering the 1977 murder of 12-year-old Emmauel Jacques for Toronto Life, Marchand eschewed a crime-and-court procedural for a different type of story.
02 June 2015
Suzannah Showler's Maisonneueve feature profiles the lives of people obsessed with the study of hidden animals, from Sasquatch to the Chupacabra.


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