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02 June 2015
Suzannah Showler's Maisonneueve feature profiles the lives of people obsessed with the study of hidden animals, from Sasquatch to the Chupacabra.
26 May 2015
In this 2006 Walrus feature, Campbell avoids predicting the future—and instead captures a timeless, thought-provoking moment in Iranian politics.
19 May 2015
This 2008 Walrus article weaves together the story of the Gillmor’s family and Frank Lloyd Wright’s, who built homes for families quite unlike the author’s.
14 May 2015
This 1993 Saturday Night profile humanizes a man often elevated to god-like status, and shows an artist who worries endlessly about his work, suffers mental breakdowns and likes to eat Cheezies.
30 April 2015
When Desmond Cole began writing a Toronto Life feature on the experience of being Black in Toronto, he thought he’d tell the stories of other people—until his editor suggested he tell his own.
28 April 2015
Using apocalyptic symbolism and mirrored faiths as narrative structure, this 2004 Harper’s essay is a damning critique of the Bush administration’s attempt to re-shape Iraq.
21 April 2015
This 2013 feature for The Walrus proves that a the story of smart, average Caitlyn Pinto is worth reading about.
14 April 2015
With explanatory policy reporting and detailed scene recreation, this 2013 Maisonneuve feature provides a glimpse into the world of prescription drug abuse in Canada.
07 April 2015
What might have been a short article about the casualties of gentrification becomes a feature on class, family, isolation and belonging.


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