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07 April 2015
What might have been a short article about the casualties of gentrification becomes a feature on class, family, isolation and belonging.
31 March 2015
In profiling the late film critic after a surgery that took his speech, Chris Jones shows that Ebert’s voice as a writer was stronger than most spoken ones.
24 March 2015
This 2007 piece from explore uses one symbol—a endangered blue frog—to tell the story of a jungle ecosystem and Aboriginal culture at a crossroads between the past and an uncertain future.
13 March 2015
“In Too Deep” explores a guilty pleasure indulged by millions and in doing so covers a slice of life that everyone knows of, but avoids talking about.
10 March 2015
Mohawk writer Dan David weaves personal, political and spiritual history in this 10,000-word piece that reconstructs the context and events of the 1990 Oka Crisis.
03 March 2015
Fifty-seven years on, this pre-James T. Kirk profile has more to offer than when Maclean’s first ran it.
24 February 2015
This 1996 Toronto Life feature ignored journalistic convention. Dennis is not only in the middle of the story, she has a considerable stake in the outcome.
11 February 2015
“The Coolhunt” explores the strange science behind the search for fashion trends at street level.Read more
03 February 2015
“Where Asbestos Is Just a Fact of Life” is a piece of literary journalism that goes beyond the rhetoric to look at the people affected by it.


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