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30 July 2015
There’s a question we hear from parents and their teens considering enrolling in our program that reflects a broader perception in society: “Isn’t journalism dying?”
08 July 2015
If Canada is truly a country of communities, making journalism sustainable in one community is unlikely to keep it so in another.
04 June 2015
Some lessons learned from last month’s newspapers Canada Conference in Toronto.Read more
29 April 2015
There’s a lesson here when it comes to knowing readers, and how it’s served these days by journalism-based products, legacy and otherwise.
11 March 2015
A reflection on the difficulties of journalism startups, from Sun News Network to OpenFile and others.Read more
27 January 2015
Columnist Joe Banks on why the advertising and editorial departments should work together.
25 November 2014
Columnist Joe Banks says today’s journalists are expected to have the same skills they always did—but technology makes the job easier.
04 November 2014
Newspapers, in their legacy format, represent simplicity in a complicated world, which is the Achilles heel of the mobile environment, writes columnist Joe Banks.
04 September 2014
The strongest case for a journalism education is that media companies in the vast majority of cases still ask for journalism graduates from college or university programs, writes columnist Joe Banks


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