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18 March 2016
Citing the economic downturn, the Free Press is considering cutting reporters, copy editors and photographers, among others.
16 March 2016
Cruickshank will leave the Toronto Star on May 4, 2016.Read more
24 February 2016
Fenlon has been acting in the role for four months, according to memo sent to CBC staff.Read more
12 February 2016
In a memo about a pitches for big projects, Gerry Nott tells staff that they need to show readers that great journalism matters
01 February 2016
In a company wide memo, Paul Godfrey responds to a column in the Toronto Star he describes as an "attack on our company."
25 January 2016
Guelph Mercury website will be managed by "the regional digital team," according to memo.
23 January 2016
Mark Lever writes to staff to let them know that layoff notices have been sent, but some staff are being offered non-union positions.
19 January 2016
Paul Godfrey outlines the cuts and changes at Postmedia.Read more
19 January 2016
Parting words from the Journal's managing editor after she was let go by Postmedia.Read more


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