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15 February 2008
The New York Times will cut 100 jobs from its newsroom, executive editor Bill Keller announced Friday.Read more
08 February 2008
A photo of a U.S. soldier resting at "Restrepo" bunker in Afghanistan after the death of a comrade has taken first prize in the World Press Photo Contest. The photo, by Tim Hetherington for Vanity
26 November 2007
South Korea's OhmyNews is opening a Citizen Journalism School to train citizen journalists to create content for publication online. Starting November, 2007, about 100 students will take courses
31 October 2007
A short piece in the September/October 2007 Columbia Journalism Review says despite job losses in journalism in the U.S., enrollment in journalism schools and programs there is on the rise. A blog
14 October 2007
Salih Saif Aldin, a correspondent for The Washington Post, was fatally shot Oct. 14 while reporting on violence in the Bagdhad neighbourhood of Sadiyah, reported the Associated Press . Aldin, 32, was
24 September 2007
An American journalism professor has just received a huge grant to provide seed funding to news start-ups developed by students in his entrepreneurial journalism class at City Univeristy of New York'
21 September 2007
Eight journalism students from King's College will travel to Turkey in November to join Canada's peackeepers on a NATO exercise. They will produce print, television and online reports about their
12 September 2007
Alberta's former premier gave his first lecture on September 6 in his new job as chair in Media Studies at Mount Royal College's Centre for Communications Studies. He told students reporters are lazy
12 August 2007
Jim Bronskill and Sue Bailey, both Canadian Press reporters, won the Justicia Award for excellence in print journalism, for a five-part series about mentally ill people within Canada's justice system


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