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09 March 2017
New program discontinues maternity and parental leave top up payments, employment assistance program.Read more
03 March 2017
Boynton will be the 11th President and CEO of Torstar and the 10th Publisher of the Toronto Star in the newspaper’s 125-year history.
02 March 2017
The outgoing CEO of Torstar says his replacement will have to review how much more money to invest in Star Touch, the Toronto Star's tablet edition.
23 February 2017
Former managing editor Phil Andrews reflects on the closing of the 149-year-old paper last year.Read more
23 February 2017
Lindsay, Ontario, lost its Confederation-era newspaper in 2013. The vacuum hasn’t been filled.Read more
Halifax Chronicle Herald strikers
10 February 2017
Company needs to get serious about bargaining, union president saysRead
30 January 2017
It’s not too late to save the city’s dailies from a grim fate — here’s how.Read more
27 January 2017
Postmedia didn’t announce a reason for the departure of CFO Doug Lamb.Read more
26 January 2017
No plans for further hiring, unlike recently announced Australian bureau.Read more


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