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07 March 2017
How a Canadian journalist helped Bhumika Shrestha, a Nepalese politician and transgender activist, tell her story using AI technology.
06 March 2017
What’s at stake for journalists who use social media?Read more
CBC website ad
10 February 2017
Public broadcasting is more important than ever in today’s climate, argue CBC’s Jennifer McGuire and Michel Cormier.
30 January 2017
Canadian satirical news gains momentum, even as journalism struggles.Read more
24 January 2017
The European Court of Justice’s 2014 ruling on the “right to be forgotten” (RTBF) doesn’t just affect search engines, it also has implications for journalists.
19 January 2017
Social media is typically just the starting point when it comes to millenial news consumption habits.
12 January 2017
Founder says he wants to slow things down with more considered pieces.Read more
12 January 2017
First hub will open in Thunder Bay later this year, with three more to follow.Read more
19 December 2016
Quality spoken word content is back, and just a click away.Read more


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