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19 January 2015
Mick Côté and Lauren Strapagiel take questions from journalism students about which social media skills are essential for new journalists and the best way to get noticed by potential employers on
19 February 2015
“Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content” examines the newsroom practices that lead to spreading misinformation when reporting on unverified claims.
22 January 2015
The founder of Regret the Error on why fake news is such a powerful force.Read more
20 January 2015
The Canadaland podcaster speaks at Ryerson University.Read more
06 January 2015
Editor Michael Cooke's memo says, "The tablet will touch everyone. Virtually everyone's job is going to change, mine included."
05 January 2015
J-Source launches a new website and welcomes a new associate editor.Read more
18 December 2014
“No longer will there be a singular front page — instead, each person will see a news mix refined ever so slightly to reflect their region, interests, and habits.”
18 December 2014
“The notifications from news apps that make it onto that lock screen are in prime position to capture attention. The lock screen is the new bundle.”
02 December 2014
A study of reddit users’ posts about the Toronto mayoral election shows a preference for old, mainstream news outlets over online and alternative media.


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