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23 July 2015
Billed as a lunchtime tabloid, TwelveThirtySix is also Weisblott and publisher St. Joseph Media’s take on the resurgence of the e-mail newsletter.
14 July 2015
Earlier this year, friends and colleagues Zach Gallinger and Arik Motksin launched 10and3, a site dedicated entirely to telling stories through data.
06 July 2015
New book paints a picture of how the world’s largest broadcast news organization has attempted to adapt to new editorial realities ushered in by social media.
03 July 2015
Last Wednesday, Halifax journalist Tim Bousquet held a birthday celebration for his one-year-old news site, the Halifax Examiner.Read
02 July 2015
This online series from Edge YK magazine proves that, even in a small city of 20,000, there is no shortage of characters with fascinating stories to tell.
30 June 2015
For Canada Day, Maclean’s launched an online 148-video series meant to capture the experience of what it means to be Canadian.
25 June 2015
Documentary and story on Brazilian favela soccer program marks networks entrance into documentaries and long-form features.
19 January 2015
Mick Côté and Lauren Strapagiel take questions from journalism students about which social media skills are essential for new journalists and the best way to get noticed by potential employers on
19 February 2015
“Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content” examines the newsroom practices that lead to spreading misinformation when reporting on unverified claims.


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