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11 January 2012
Concordia journalism professor Ross Perigoe died from a brain tumor on Tuesday night. [node:ad]Read more
09 January 2012
Larry Solway, a broadcaster and occasional actor, died this morning at the age of 83, according to a story by the Toronto Star.
12 December 2011
Craig Silverman has announced that as of Dec. 19, his award-winning blog,, will be moving to, and he will be joining the institute as a member of its adjunct faculty.
02 December 2011
Todd van der Heyden will be leaving CTV Montreal to join CTV News Channel in the new yearRead more
02 December 2011
Graham Dennis, owner of The Halifax Herald Ltd. and publisher of The Chronicle Herald , died at home in Halifax last night at the age of 84.
30 November 2011
After more than 20 years of reporting from Parliament Hill, Jane Taber is leaving Ottawa and heading to Halifax. The 53-year-old Globe and Mail reporter is trading in her parliamentary press pass to


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