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08 December 2015
Sean Eckford leaves job of nine years after management allegedly asks all staff to participate in a one-day voluntary ad sales blitz.
02 December 2015
Here's our regular update on the moves, hires and promotions in Canadian journalism for Nov. 19 to Dec. 2Read more
01 December 2015
Rachel Browne, Carmen Chai and Cynthia Mulligan had their vacations and lives disrupted when terrorists attacked several locations in Paris on Nov. 13.
19 November 2015
The latest in Canadian job moves.Read more
12 November 2015
A recent Toronto Star public editor’s column noted that an intern didn’t take proper steps to verify a source—but should blame have been shouldered by multiple parties?
10 November 2015
On Nov. 9, Fahmy spoke with Neil Macdonald, CBC senior correspondent, at Carleton University.Read more
09 November 2015
Recent ruling ending ad substitution and policy change decreasing Canadian content have an effect.Read more
04 November 2015
Reporter Ben Makuch knew his Islamic State reporting would draw police attention but never fathomed they would order him to turn over his materials.
04 November 2015
Where are Canadian journalists headed this month?Read more


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