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27 February 2017
Despite newsroom layoffs, great photojournalism can still be seen. Here’s why.Read more
25 May 2016
The Tom Hanson Award-winning photographer explains how she captures the perfect shot.Read more
04 April 2016
Digital photography and the capacity to edit pictures quickly and affordably have reopened debate over what editorializing means in images and the nature of photojournalistic neutrality.
29 March 2016
The photographer who captured one of the most famous images of the World Trade Towers explains how instinct carried him through the day.
17 November 2015
Freelance photographer Yuli Scheidt hopes she can help women and non-binary people with their professional images.
12 August 2015
It is up to an editor to make a choice about which image best captures the subject or works best with the article.
16 July 2015
Restrictive photography contracts for entertainment events such as concerts aren’t new to photo desks, though in recent years they have started to veer into the extreme.
30 June 2015
For Canada Day, Maclean’s launched an online 148-video series meant to capture the experience of what it means to be Canadian.
11 February 2015
Toronto Star chief photographer Bernard Weil rappels from the Bloor Viaduct Bridge to get shots of repair workers in action. Video courtesy of the Toronto Star , where this new photojournalism series


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