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26 January 2017
How are Canadians getting their news, and whom do they trust to provide it?Read more
26 January 2017
Report recommends creation of a fund to support journalism organizations via change in tax laws.Read
25 January 2017
Six years, one prime minister and a president later, it seems American journalists will be asked to put up with a lot of things
20 January 2017
Here’s four of the big consultations that could change Canada’s media landscape.Read more
14 December 2016
Ed Greenspon shares some of his observations after asking Canadians: Is there a journalism crisis in Canada?
08 December 2016
When authorities snoop out our digital footprints, the best we can do is is mitigate risk, not eliminate it entirely
01 December 2016
New guidelines in Caps and Spelling say to include description as “a U.S.-based white nationalist movement.”
28 November 2016
Do you know what you don’t know about each other?Read more
21 November 2016
Trump bypassed the media to connect directly with his supporters, while simultaneously benefiting from the media to spread his message.


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