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24 September 2008
Kory Teneycke, spokesman for Tory leader Stephen Harper, on the non-role of journalists: it is not a candidates' priority to speak to media -- but rather to get elected. Teneycke was quoted in the
23 September 2008
Excerpts from a scathing piece by Andrew Coyne in Maclean's on the performance of political journalism in Canada: " one respect every election is the same: the press coverage. It's always an
23 September 2008
Sez Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight on the subject of television journalism (his blog in the alternative newspaper is a rant about the resignation of a NDP candidate in British Columbia): "Dumb
22 September 2008
Two prominent Newfoundland journalists have crossed the line to run as candidates – and “it’s not pretty,” observes Greg Locke in this J-Source post . But when the Sydney Morning Herald threw out the
21 September 2008
Has the defence department muzzled its employees? Reported Canadian Press : "The Defence Department has ordered staff to limit media interviews during the federal election campaign in a move critics
21 September 2008
Federal delays in responding to public requests are at a "crisis level" and Canada lags behind many other countries on openness scale, says a recent report on freedom of information access laws
19 September 2008
Elections produce a lot of numbers. A guide to some of the online resources available to help you get on top of the numbers game.
18 September 2008
How prepared are journalists to analyze and report on economic issues?Read more
16 September 2008
Canwest News Service reporter Archie McLean looked for coverage of our federal election in the foreign press and didn't find much. News media that have reported or commented on the Canadian campaign


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