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13 September 2008
Back in 2005, researchers at the universities of British Columbia and Saskatchewan found that the press was sloppy in its poll reporting during the '04 federal campaign. The study concluded with a "
10 September 2008
As Canadian news organizations bid to outdo each other in displaying Web 2.0 savvy in their online election coverage, a U.S. study of young voters suggests they should beware of going overboard.
10 September 2008
The leaders of the NDP and Conservatives have backed down on their opposition to Elizabeth May being included in the leader's debate. Was it common sense and an example of character? Was it mere
09 September 2008
Carleton University's School of Journalism has launched a new blog, called Campaign Perspectives 2008 , about the federal election. Carleton's faculty includes many of Canada's senior political
08 September 2008
The consortium of broadcast networks that organize the debates among political leader announced they will exclude Green party Leader Elizabeth May. The group said in a news release that other other
08 September 2008
The new Globe and Mail politics portal that was launched in advance of the election announcement is an incredible effort and represents some major resources. However, it fails on several levels.
08 September 2008
While it is said all politics is local, a quick survey of community newspapers sites in British Columbia, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Ontario and the Atlantic region found an overwhelming
08 September 2008
With a federal election finally out of the gates, J-Source is your election coverage hub. Find out what other journalists are thinking and doing, share a story, and gain that extra information and
03 September 2008
Nobody, so far, has adequately explained why the Green party has not already been included in election debates, even as their popularity rivals that of the Bloc Québécois and in some areas the New


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