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31 October 2016
Justin Brake has to appear in court on Nov. 1 after he was named in a court order along with 21 protesters.
28 October 2016
Join J-Source and Daniel Dale, Jeet Heer and Richard Madan for a Twitter chat on covering the US election.
28 October 2016
The poll analyst explains his methodology for combining various polls, and how he’s been tracking the U.S. election.
28 September 2016
Accessing public information in Canada frequently entails multiple-year delays, seemingly arbitrary and generous redactions, and time-consuming appeals processes.
09 September 2016
CJFE adds its voice in calling for the Canadian government to immediately petition Iran for the safety and release of Dr. Homa Hoodfar.
08 July 2016
J-Source spoke to the presidents of provincial legislative press galleries across the country to find out how disappearing members impacts political coverage.
31 March 2016
Vice Canada and reporter-editor Ben Makuch looking into appeal of the decision.
29 March 2016
How an RRJ writer investigated the culture of Ottawa’s press gallery.Read more
21 March 2016
MPs are putting their professional backgrounds to use at the Commons' heritage committee studying the state of local media in Canada.


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