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14 March 2016
The new Hill Times will publish twice weekly and be produced by the combined Hill Times and Embassy newsroomsRead more
03 March 2016
“This is a book that’s not meant to put a positive spin on the gallery,” says co-editor Josh Wingrove of Sharp Wits and Busy Pens.
23 February 2016
Budgets for sports programming were scaled back by $2.2 million, and specialty and main news services were reduced by $3 million.
17 February 2016
The Commons committee will embark on an expansive study of "how Canadians, and especially local communities, are informed about local and regional experiences through news, broadcasting, digital and
22 January 2016
We need to find new ways to support media outlets that don’t depend on advertising revenue.Read
27 October 2015
Canada's top political reporters break down what happened during the 2015 federal election at a CJF J-Talk in Vancouver.
22 October 2015
The new outlet tries to balance serious news reporting with a fun, satirical tone.Read more
09 October 2015
Was it fair for the Globe and Mail to run a major piece on Liberal leader Justine Trudeau so close to voting day?
07 August 2015
The Conservative government is taking part in secret international trade talks that could threaten the future of CBC.Read


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