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15 July 2014
Did the Toronto Star cross an ethical line in reporting information from confidential sources with inside information about Mayor Rob Ford's rehab stint?
15 July 2014
It is patently wrong, writes Globe and Mail's public editor Sylvia Stead, for political leaders to selectively invite media outlets for some unknown reason to a press conference and also unacceptable
16 June 2014
An audience member complained that showing a “Vote Justin Trudeau” sign held by demonstrators at a 4/20 rally indicated bias and endorsed the Liberal Party and Trudeau’s position on legalizing
12 June 2014
With federal politicians set to take a break for the summer, it’s worth taking stock of the atmosphere that has existed for journalists covering the prime minister and his cohorts and that threatens
11 June 2014
My union may have made my life more difficult, but it hasn’t compromised my independence, writes the Toronto Star 's national affairs columnist Tim Harper.
09 June 2014
Sure, computer systems vary across the country, and there are subtle differences in the access provisions in different provinces and at the federal level. But if a government body in one part of the
09 June 2014
During an election campaign, The Globe and Mail refers to politi cians by their party title rather than calling them Premier, Prime Minister or Opposition Leader. There are two basic reasons for this
03 June 2014
This is a long-standing policy of The Globe and Mail and some other media organizations to recognize that while a campaign is under way, these people are first and foremost party leaders during the
27 May 2014
The federal government has abandoned funding for the World Values Survey—just like it did for the long-form census. Sean Holman reports.


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