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09 June 2014
During an election campaign, The Globe and Mail refers to politi cians by their party title rather than calling them Premier, Prime Minister or Opposition Leader. There are two basic reasons for this
03 June 2014
This is a long-standing policy of The Globe and Mail and some other media organizations to recognize that while a campaign is under way, these people are first and foremost party leaders during the
27 May 2014
The federal government has abandoned funding for the World Values Survey—just like it did for the long-form census. Sean Holman reports.
09 May 2014
Are journalists losing their audiences and impact on democratic society? Vancouver journalist and author Arno Kopecky, documentary filmmaker Damien Gillis, veteran Ottawa journalist Mark Bourrie,
08 May 2014
Osgoode Hall constitutional law professor Jamie Cameron argues that Tom Flanagan’s public shaming over controversial comments on child pornography was a combination of a professional contrarian’s
06 May 2014
When The Globe and Mail paid $10,000 for Rob Ford photos, it may have confused the public interest with what the public may be interested in seeing, writes Langara College journalism instructor Ross
01 May 2014
The Globe and Mail ’s new editor-in-chief, David Walmsley, said the newspaper purchased the photos from a self-admitted drug dealer because “there was a requirement for us to be able to prove our
01 May 2014
The Globe and Mail's public editor Sylvia Stead says the newspaper did something unprecedented--paying a source $10,000 for a series of photographs showing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking what was
17 April 2014
Despite delays in getting an adequate response, the Regina magazine is making use of what documents it has obtained.


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