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22 January 2015
Rogers says shock jock deserves a second chance after CBSC violations.Read more
12 January 2015
How the Grant v. Torstar ruling informs editors’ decisions to publish.Read more
06 January 2015
Boyce and Todd Spencer, executive director of human resources, take leaves of absence in wake of Ghomeshi scandal.
02 December 2014
CBC’s David Common describes why it’s hard for journalists to get their stories to surface in an information maelstrom, and why making the effort to be heard is more important than ever.
20 November 2014
Wednesday's meeting follows the latest round of pink slips and the fallout from the firing of radio host Jian Ghomeshi.Read more
10 November 2014
Retired broadcast radio instructor George Orr said some of the poorest people on Canada’s airwaves are the personalities and reporters that listeners tune in to every day.
10 November 2014
By Tamara Baluja, Associate Editor Cindy Witten is joining the CBC as senior director of the Radio Network Talk department. She starts her new role on Sept. 22 and will oversee the production of all
22 January 2014
The new show will have a rotating chair of high-profile Corus talk radio personalities taking on the role of host. The first show premiers Jan. 28 with Vancouver’s CKNW AM 980’s Jon McComb.
12 November 2013
Halifax’s News 95.7 is reeling from 11 layoffs on Tuesday and programming changes that turned its schedule on its head. The news talk radio station will lose the popular Maritime Morning and Maritime


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