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23 February 2017
Journalists struggle to get Canada’s prison agencies talking.Read more
22 February 2017
Mark Latham has pioneered a voter-funded media project at UBC since 2007.Read more
21 February 2017
Craig Silverman, media editor for BuzzFeed News, delivered this year’s Atkinson lecture on fake news at the Ryerson School of Journalism.
21 February 2017
Are people who turn off the news still getting informed?Read more
16 February 2017
Although Canadians value journalism and believe it is essential to a well-functioning democracy, they don’t want to pay for it.
16 February 2017
War correspondents face a lack of mental health resources.Read more
14 February 2017
Seven renowned journalists offer solutions.Read more
03 February 2017
With protests erupting almost daily, journalists need to understand the consequences of joining one.
26 January 2017
How are Canadians getting their news, and whom do they trust to provide it?Read more


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