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21 June 2017
Journalists are optimistic about the future of local news, and their futures in it, a recent study in the Columbia Journalism Review has found.
20 June 2017
Abacus data poll released on June 16 finds that 86 per cent of Canadians feel they would get the news even if their local newspaper went out of business.
20 June 2017
If you want to learn about the Muslim community, don’t read the news, says the associate editor of The Islamic Monthly.
16 June 2017
While the value of different sources can be subjective, newsrooms have a responsibility to interrogate their choices surrounding which voices get the most coverage.
14 June 2017
The Digital R&D Lab serves as an internal incubator for ideas and plays host to digital projects carried out in partnership with non-Radio-Canada groups.
13 June 2017
More detailed research is needed to find out just what Canadians actually believe is true on social media.Read more
13 June 2017
Game Face: The Media Training Playbook - 19 Cautionary Tales , a self-published book by Toronto public relations consultant and former journalist, brings two seemingly similar but often clashing
05 June 2017
The Local News conference took place at Ryerson University in Toronto June 3-4, 2017.Read more
30 May 2017
The economics of local news are no small challenge, but soon we may be able to anticipate significant causes of unhealthy news ecosystems in different U.S. cities.


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