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07 June 2017
Student newspapers face unique challenges when trying to report on sexual assault and gendered violence.
18 April 2017
UBC student newspaper the Ubyssey fought for admission rubrics for four years before the documents were leaked to them.
05 April 2017
Changes in store for the 2017 edition, produced by the biggest masthead in its history.Read more
28 February 2017
If the government and mainstream news media want to show their commitment to civic journalism, they should support content from student journalists.
20 January 2017
Sophie Borwein joins the ranks of public editors and ombudsman in Canada.Read more
03 March 2016
We talk about “diversity” a lot but rarely do we understand or directly address the personal turmoil or long-lasting impact it has on the people and communities the term defines.
29 February 2016
Student project looks at the stunning fact that 200 years after the first Black settlers came to Nova Scotia, many people still do not have legal title to their land.
08 February 2016
As print pick-up slows, campus newspapers are looking to new models to get their stories to students.Read more
27 January 2016
The documentary, Denendeh, was created by University of Regina School of Journalism students in 2010.


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