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05 March 2014
The University of Ottawa won’t welcome a new crop of journalism students this fall as its program remains under review for a second year. Education editor Melanie Coulson reports.
06 February 2014
The modern newsroom will necessarily include developers working side-by-side with journalists, and journalism schools need to adapt to that new reality, writes Canada.com homepage editor William
31 January 2014
One of Concordia University’s campus papers drew criticism for not using the word “plagiarism” in its initial apology for lifting passages from CUP, a non-profit cooperative of student newspapers, of
08 January 2014
With classes so full that students spill out in the hallways and equipment that’s constantly breaking, teaching journalism in Liberia is not easy, says Janice Neil, who went to the West African
19 December 2013
The EU-Canada Young Journalist Award (YJA) was created to recognize outstanding journalistic potential among Canadian students. Since 2001, three students are selected every year to participate in a
13 December 2013
Talk about using different channels to discuss journalism education. On Dec. 10, PBS' MediaShift hosted a twitter discussion that explored new channels for journalism education. Using the hashtag #
21 November 2013
For decades newspapers have employed journalists whose sole purpose was to write a beautiful headline. But in an increasingly online world, Education Editor Melanie Coulson says what you write is
13 November 2013
J-Source and Maclean's teamed up to live blog Question Period and explain what the press gallery does during this daily weekday political theatre arena.
12 November 2013
In this behind-the-scenes look, Postmedia News reporters Jordan Press and Mike De Souza explain how they tag-teamed to cover the rapidly evolving senators' suspension debate. They explain the


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