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05 November 2013
Sun Media's national community manager Monique Beech offers her advice on how to search through tweets and the multiple search options.
01 November 2013
Science and environmental issues can be challenging for the public to understand due to the technical language and complexity, so journalists should act as translators by using clear, concise
26 October 2013
Journalists need to embrace their changing role as a trusted curator and aggregator of news, Mathew Ingram said at a recent event in Ottawa. Education editor Melanie Coulson reports.
24 October 2013
Reporting from Russia, Indonesia and Cameroon, UBC journalism students covered the $30-billion global trade in illegal logging. Keith Rozendal explains some of the global journalism practices and
17 October 2013
Education Editor Melanie Coulson reports on media consultant Mario Garcia's recent presentation to staff at the Ottawa Citizen, in which he said the next wave of storytelling should consider
04 October 2013
New technologies and business practices are transforming the news media and their relationship to our society. With Ryerson's School of Journalism celebrating its 60th anniversary, its alumni will
13 September 2013
Ryerson professor Joyce Smith writes about her innovation workshop at the university's journalism school, and how even if the project fails, a student who experiments can succeed.
11 September 2013
Despite the state of the journalism industry with layoffs, buyouts and dwindling ad sales, there is still hope for finding work after graduation. J-Source speaks with three journalism grads who
11 September 2013
A recent Wilfrid Laurier University journalism grad advises students to learn all the hard skills they can while still in school, whether inside or outside of the classroom.


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