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11 September 2013
With an increasing number governments at all levels putting data online, journalists who lack the tools to harness this information and make enough sense of it to tell stories will be left playing
11 September 2013
One might deduce that the debate over the future of journalism education is related to speculation about the future of the industry. But in fact, the debate been going on since journalism was
10 September 2013
Many journalism students dream of working overseas, but Lily Martin turned fantasy into reality. How? Research. Here in J-Source she explains how being able to find people and information--especially
09 September 2013
Wondering how to land a coveted job out of j-school? CBC's Justin Grant explains how he went from the clasroom, to an internship, to a job in a newsroom within weeks of graduation, and shares some
05 September 2013
Trent University and Loyalist College officially launched a news bureau Wednesday as part of a joint journalism program run by the two schools. Jane Harrison, director of special projects and former
26 August 2013
Cindy Royal, journalism professor at Texas State University, identifies three guiding principles for journalism schools attempting to conceptualize an entirely new curriculum around digital and data-
22 August 2013
Sun Media's national media manager Monique Beech shares some of her tips for live blogging and keeping readers engaged.Read more
20 August 2013
As a recent Poynter study suggests, journalists and educators have always disagreed about the value and scope of journalism education. For real innovation, j-schools should look to other academic
14 August 2013
Hamilton Spectator assignment editor Nicole MacIntyre wanted to give her reporters a chance to explore their city. So, she asked them to choose a spot on a city map blindfolded and off they went. The


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