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20 July 2017
The early evening broadcasts have no anchor at the helm, favouring on-the-scene reporting.Read more
08 June 2017
New broadcasts will create 35 hours of original local production a week, according to release.Read more
06 June 2017
Rogers Media is expanding its local newscast "CityNews" to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Montreal.
26 May 2017
McGuire says Steve Ladurantaye, who stepped down from the managing editor position, will travel north in May.
25 May 2017
No news yet on who — or how many people — may host The National.Read more
27 April 2017
Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton Shaw TV stations will close in August, affecting approximately 70 positions.
29 March 2017
Twenty people laid off as a result of restructuring, according to employee union.Read more
27 March 2017
How will the CBC icon be regarded by Canadians?Read more
16 March 2017
Will campaigns to revive community TV in the new digital world work?Read more


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