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12 November 2015
Will the new PM resist the urge to cultivate secrecy?Read more
03 November 2015
The B.C. government’s continued efforts to prevent the public from seeing its paperwork is costing millions of dollars each year.Read more
19 October 2015
Newspaper publishers, editors, have a responsibility to protect freedom of expression.Read more
15 October 2015
It’s not clear if an NDP government would implement all of the information commissioner’s recommendations.Read
14 October 2015
How does the Liberal FOI platform stack up? And how many FOI requests are made province by province?Read more
07 October 2015
Alberta, along with New Brunswick and the federal government, has been ranked as having the worst freedom of information law in the country.
03 June 2015
Under the Act, government employees are allowed to delete transitory records—but the definition of what constitutes such a record can seem ambiguous.
25 May 2015
Much ink was spilled about the Harper administration’s plan to retroactively deny access to long gun registry records and its muzzling of federal scientists.
19 May 2015
The Globe and Mail endorsed Suzanne Legault’s FOI reforms report—but its editorial board also been equivocal in its support for one of its main principles.


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