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11 May 2015
What started out as a B.C. government attempt to defend its communication staff has ended up revealing the weakness of the province’s freedom-of-information law.
04 May 2015
In an election where one of the most important issues is government accountability, there has been surprisingly little discussion about reforming FOI law.
27 April 2015
What does polling tell us about how concerned Canadian are about transparency issues? And should the public have a right to know why senior public officials get fired?
13 April 2015
Concerns about the lack of documentation of federal officials’ decision-making began long before Suzanne Legault’s recent report.
06 April 2015
Does an election advertising law in Manitoba go too far? And why is the Harper administration hiding the cost of the country’s combat missions?
30 March 2015
Two recent books on the Harper administration come up with somewhat different answers to that question.
23 March 2015
Access-to-information requests in Canada have increased 391 per cent since 1997—but the media’s share of those requests has remained relatively the same.
16 March 2015
As B.C. reporters ignore an FOI reform bill, a small Ontario cottage town is making its government emails public.
09 March 2015
A national roundup of the top FOI news this week.Read more


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