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02 March 2015
So, you’re angry about the sad state of affairs when it comes to Canadian government PR. Now what?
23 February 2015
I am working on a story about how public relations is helping to kill Canada’s democracy.Read more
17 February 2015
When reporting on private member’s bills, news outlets don’t always inform their audiences of the obvious: they rarely become law.
09 February 2015
Canadian politics reporting helped turn a subject that should be the concern of the many into something that’s a concern for the few, writes Sean Holman.
03 February 2015
From poorly watched propaganda channels to public office-journalist relations, we’ve got a few things in common.
26 January 2015
Plus: this week in freedom of information.Read more
13 January 2015
Jim Bronskill and David McKie’s new book about access to information shouldn’t need to exist.
20 November 2014
Does the government prioritize international media requests over ones from alternative, independent Canadian media?
10 September 2014
B.C. is one of the country's biggest mineral producers. But compared to Americans, British Columbians have very little information about the safety of that activity. And that means journalists,


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