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03 September 2014
A lot of people consider a streeter, also called a man on the street (MOS), a waste of airtime. But done properly, it can be a great tool to give your audience a voice and provide context on
29 August 2014
Ever wonder how and why hidden cameras are used in a journalistic investigation? Check out this video showing the ways CBC's Marketplace uses the most unsuspecting items, even a child's toy, to
29 August 2014
Figuring out what's fact or fiction online is a struggle for anyone, but for a journalist it's an essential skill to be mastered. This TED Talk by Markham Nolan, the managing editor of,
24 July 2014
McCann replaces Nicole Blanchett Neheli, who is J-Source’s new executive video editor.Read more
17 June 2014
Did you know a deadline was an actual line on a printing press and anything that was typeset after that line would be cut off? Turns out, much of our journalism vernacular comes from the printing
04 October 2013
When Brad Demers’s position as a paginator at the St. Catharines Standard was eliminated, he decided he wanted to say goodbye in his own cheeky way.


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