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24 September 2015
The media revolution undermined the existing framework, says Stephen Ward.Read more
06 March 2015
In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, I and other journalists in Western democracies deplored the violence and defended freedom of expression against terrorism.
08 December 2014
Conservative attitudes suffocate creative journalism and block needed change in the profession, says columnist Stephen Ward.
04 November 2014
By Stephen J.A. Ward How should we reconstruct journalism ethics now that a media revolution has left a pre-digital, professional consensus in fragments? That appears to be the question for ethicists
29 August 2014
It is easy to dismiss the proposal for a national press council as “out-dated.” Even the world “press” conjures up images of reporters from the previous century wearing a sign in their hats that said
14 August 2014
Media ethicist Stephen J.A. Ward takes stock of the two most common ways of rewriting ethic codes—DIY ethics and a depersonalized approach—and finds them both wanting.
14 November 2013
For some time, journalists and their associations have been trying anxiously to define “journalist” and “journalism” as a media revolution blurs the differences between professional journalists and
21 October 2013
In journalism, transparency is fashionable. Journalists who reject objectivity say: “I am biased but I am honest and transparent." But hyping transparency distorts media ethics in several ways; it
28 June 2013
New codes will need to recognize that activist journalism in its many forms will continue to be one of the many ways to use media. But, when are journalists ‘agenda-driven activists’ and when are


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