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16 June 2017
Reporters need to better describe a leader's political philosophy and beyond the image they want to project.
13 June 2017
What are the considerations in using confidential sources in the Star?Read
12 June 2017
The complainant objected to the characterization of the government of Turkey as “fundamentalist.”Read more
08 June 2017
The complainant said she would never have let a Marketplace crew into her wedding show if she had known who they were.
06 June 2017
I am biased of course, but I believe the public editor role works for Toronto Star readers.
29 May 2017
A step forward: The Toronto Star, rightly, will now capitalize Indigenous and Black.
19 May 2017
The story of a fragile senior is important in the debate about overcrowded Ontario hospitals.
12 May 2017
The complainant thought a story about Montreal declaring itself a sanctuary city lacked balance and did not provide enough information.
11 May 2017
The complainant thought that a series on the high cost and difficulty of renting in Toronto was tainted because it started with a first-person tale of the reporter’s own problems.


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