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22 March 2017
The same critical eye that is applied to the articles needs to be applied in that big eye catching headline as well.
22 March 2017
The complainant was concerned about the qualifying phrase “even so” in a paragraph about the makeup of the federal firearms advisory committee.
21 March 2017
With journalism under attack, it’s important that journalists focus on the basics of the craft and not become defensive. That will keep readers’ trust
20 March 2017
What steps could newsrooms take to help create safe digital spaces for women?Read more
17 March 2017
William McDowell, legal counsel to J.D. Irving Limited (JDI), wrote to complain about the Twitter activity of the provincial affairs correspondent in New Brunswick, Jacques Poitras.
17 March 2017
Some readers are confused by labelling that distinguishes opinion pieces from analysis – and with good reason.
16 March 2017
Be curious, be civil and tell us what you want to know about journalism at the Toronto Star.Read more
10 March 2017
When a story like the Quebec mosque attack breaks, it takes time to get the facts straight.Read
09 March 2017
The complainant questioned the balance and fairness of an article about the handbook framed by the objections raised by a critic


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